Awsome for the price

Bought my bobber a month or so ago and was happy to toss it in the water right after it finished it's first charge. Water was cold but the bobber did exactly what it said it would I found fish in our small crick and mapped it out just to play with it. I love the demo to learn how to use the app. Over all happy with the product

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It has the best battery life of its competitors...

I did tons of research on castable, lightweight sonar devices that connected to your smartphone. I settled on the iBobber because of its capabilities and small profile. It has the best battery life of its competitors and it had the best depth finding capabilities. I fish in a lake that gets well over 100' deep in places. Having the ability to go up to 130-135' of water for lake trout is amazing. I also loved all of the features that the iBobber comes with. Especially the gps log for great fishing spots and the underwater mapping. Other devices have these capabilities, but iBobber was the only one that had them all on one device. Love it! I tell all my friends about it.

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Versatile, Simple, Effective

I recommend this product. I am a shore angler who needed a way to see what I was casting at and where fish were postioned. I can't believe how well it worked, marked schools of fish down to even baitfish and was extremely accurate. Plus slow the read speed down for Ice mode!

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I sold the Fish Hunter Pro for this!

I bought the iBobber back a few months ago. I wish I would have done it earlier. This was one of the best investments I have ever bought. I like to do a lot of kayak fishing. This has been perfect. I have the Apple Watch pro which is waterproof. It is so nice that I don't have to look at phone just my wrist to get the answers for were fish are. My two sons have Apple phones they both want the iBobber for Christmas...

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Best fishing product I've bought so far

I fish a lot of muddy creeks and dirty water so it is really hard to know the depth of the water and find the good spots. The iBobber has helped me map a bunch of areas and find a lot of structure I couldn't have seen before. I am pretty impressed with it so far and look forward to cooler weather spending some time with my new little red and white fishing pal.

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Definitely worth trying

Customer service of Reel Sonar is OUTSTANDING! They stand by what they make and are true to their word. Do not use this is fast running water or where it is going to get knocked about because it is heavier than a regular bobber & your line can easily snap just from its weight. Amazing quality, does all that it describes. Easy for a novice to understand, many details that a pro will appreciate.

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Very nice piece of equipment to have in the tackle box...

Very nice piece of equipment to have in the tackle box when fishing. The features it has are very nice and can definitely save you time by not fishing where there are no fish. There are times I go fishing and have more fun using the iBobber than actually fishing. 

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iBobber is a great little fish finder...

I have had this 4 weeks now... iBobber is a great little fish finder that you can take anywhere as it fits in your pocket. It is small in size but don't let that fool you as it holds about 8hrs worth of charge and it will probably outlast your mobile if you have not got a power pack! The iBobber turns itself on and off when it is in the water so saving power which is a nice feature. I do lots of different types of fishing 'bit of an allrounder' - carp, tench, pike, zander, trout, cod and pollock and the iBobber is suited to them all - so long as you have at least 5 feet of water to let the sonar work properly you will definitely put more fish on the bank! The depth scale is handy…

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iBobber = iAwesome

Very easy to use & was amazed it worked well! Really helpful in areas to view depth and weeds - I recommend using it on a different pole....cast out and let it drift . Plus that way you don't lose it on runaway fish that could snap your line. Cool gift for the fishermen or women. Plus if you have kids they love being able to see the fish on the screen & tell you how far down they are.... It keeps the little ones occupied for sure.

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The iBobber is great at showing depth from 5 ft and deeper

The iBOBBER is great at showing depth from 5 ft and deeper. It shows the difference between soft bottom and hard bottom,and it shows temp also. It does read weeds and fish however, a perch or sunny show same size marks. All in all I give it 4 stars because it will allow.you to find dropouts and points in a lake your not familiar with , and that's where you should be fishing.

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Well worth the money.

The iBobber is so easy to use. It has helped me figure out the water depth of the lakes and ponds I fish in frequently. I am able to determine underwater structures and see where the fish are congregating. Great product. Well worth the money.

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Best new fishing gear

Got it on Father's Day and it works great. I used a separate pole for the iBobber so I could leave it out the whole time while I was casting with my other rod. iBobber connected well, held its charge and performed well. It gave me an accurate depth and a good idea of where the fish are. Pretty great addition for anyone fishing from shore.

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Amazing! Highly Accurate Scale!

This scale is highly accurate i highly recomend this for tournament fishing. And just for weighing your fish i have tested it against almost every scale I have and it is spot on I am very happy with this scale!

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Nice gear, excellent performance and support

I use the iBobber to fish from the bank and from a kayak. It works very well just towing along, feeding sonar data to my phone. The app is designed well and works well. I had to return my first bobber because of poor battery life, but support is superb! I heard back within minutes and the problem was fully fixed. I don't fish anymore without my iBobber.

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Review of the iBobber.

As a bank angler I had been eyeballing one of these for a couple months... To get a good test I went out this morning to a spot I hadn't been before. It was very easy to sync up to my phone, and intuitive to read. I ended up finding a deep hole in the middle of a creek that I had no idea was there. It was showing a small school of panfish about 2-3 ft down, and at about 8 feet a couple 15"+ fish. I put on some light tackle, set my bobber about 3 feet up the line and threw at the hole. I started slaying them! In the first 15 minutes I had 7 redears. Then I snagged the largemouth...

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Easy to use. light enough to cast with and not splash to much. Charges easy and quickly. Shows just what the box says on screen.

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Great for kayak and bank fishing! Great customer service.

I bought this to augment my onboard kayak sonar. The ability to anchor and cast around significantly helped get on the fish. I also take it river fishing, finding the better pools. Easy to setup, and you can go simple, where it paints the fish, or see the raw feed to make your own assessment. Great pocket sized device. I have yet to run out of battery life on an all day trip. Fun for catfishing at night, the LED gives a casting target closer to the fish. What impressed me more was the dialogue with ReelSonar...

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Great product!

I headed out looking for pike at a local lake from shore. After a while with not even a tap i decided to throw the iBobber to see what was going on under the water. To my surprise it showed me a school of pan sized fish, so i swapped to lighter tackle, and had a great afternoon catching perch hand over fist! The iBobber saved my afternoon trip!!!

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Very Impressed!!!

I finally had the opportunity to test ibobber last weekend on the lake and it's definitely worth the buy. Very intuitive, easy to connect to my iPhone and a lot of useful functionalities. I had my 10 year old with me, he was really excited about being able to spot the fish on phone screen and telling me me where to cast. Great addition to tackle box!

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It work pretty good and weight pretty accurate so far

Got this in the mail, it didn't come with battery but not a big deal. It work pretty good and weight pretty accurate so far. However, the reason I only give it a 4 star because I only got it for a day and just testing it out around the house so I don't know how it will hold up in the long term. Will take it out and see how it do for fishing. Also one thing I don't like is that it don't weight in ounce, you have to convert the decimal into ounce which you will have to multiply the decimal number by 16 to find out how many ounce.

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Awesome little depth finder!

This thing is Awesome! I was very skeptical, but my 10yo son insisted on buying it with his money. We charged it up, linked it to my phone, and it works! The mapping feature is cool as well as the fish finder. We haven't tried the bite alert or whatever it's called. This little depth finder definitely surprised me. If you're on a budget or just want a cool little gadget for the tackle box, this iBobber is what you need.

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Better than I expected.

I was considering the more expensive portable sonars, but as an 'occasional' fisherman wasn't needing the rolls royce of a sonar unit. This iBobber was better than I expected. Seemed to very accurately (and quickly) gauge and measure the fish around a pier and in still water. Using in the rough surf was a bit challenging but this was mainly due to the surf dragging it in before I could get a reading. Firmware update in the manual says it will take under 5 mins, but it actually... took 45 mins (but did work eventually, be patient when the app looks like it's hung - was update from 1.0 to 1.4). Overall, it's a great bit of kit for the price. Would buy again.

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Exactly as described

This is a great unit! Does everything it says it will do! App works great on iPhone 6

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Sometimes takes a little to long to actually connect. One main thing I think should be mentioned is you have to hold your phone up and point it directly at the iBobber and you shouldn't lose connection, I almost returned it but the the seller told me to point the phone directly at it. They responded via email very quickly and was willing to exchange my unit. Very nice product.

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2 years with the iBobber

Two years ago I did research on all the portable castable fish finders on the market before settling on this one. Price point and features were big for me in deciding on the iBobber. It does what it claims and marks fish, depth, and water temperature accurately. Some of the other nice features are the underwater mapping and fish alarm... I have used it both casting from shore and dragging it behind my kayak. I will turn on the fish alarm as I am paddling and it will alert me of fish I've gone over so I don't have to stare at it constantly. I use a waterproof smart phone pouch around my neck, which in my opinion is a must, to aid in using the device. The iBobber is able to determine two different fish sizes, those under 15 inches and those over 15. The led light is a welcomed feature for night fishing. My friend has the Deeper and while the sonar app looks more like an advanced sonar map I'm not convinced it's actually much better for the price. He continually had problems ... with the app freezing on his Samsung device. I use an iPhone and have had very minimal crashing on the iBobber platform. His Deeper is also considerably heavier than the iBobber. So much so that I would not recommend casting it without heavy braided line. I use a dedicated dock demon pole with heavy braid to cast mine out and leave it there while I fish with my other rods from shore. The Deeper also makes you purchase a separate cover if you want to access it's led light for night fishing which is ridiculous because of how much it already costs. Battery life is the issue with all these devices. Once they're fully charged they do last around 8 hours. But you must charge it the night or hours before you go out. Charge either of these a couple of days in advance of a trip and they go dead before you get there. Overall I'm satisfied with the iBobber. It isn't perfect yet, none of them are. It's a new generation in castable fishing gadgetry and I'm sure improvements will come along. But for me the price point/ features of such a new gadget was what hooked me. Good luck out there.

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Fantastic Fish Finder!

The iBobber was recommended to me by a friend who is fishing mad - he said the accuracy of the information would impress me and be a thoroughly enjoyable way to find the fish quicker. How could I resist! The price certainly seemed reasonable, so when it arrived a couple of days after ordering I was glad that such a high quality feeling product came out of the box. You get: iBobber fish-finder, charging dock with built in USB cable (with stable rubber legs), a carry case and instruction booklet. I’ve attached a pic as I put it on its first charge. The iBobber clicks securely into the charging dock and a blue light glows around the unit to show it’s charging. The bluetooth on my iPhone 6S connected straight away with the iBobber (after downloading the free app on the App Store) and I could see useful weather info (including pressure) and the moon cycle...

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Great for the bank fisherman, or checking banks where the boat can't go.

I purchased the iBobber in July, 2014 and I am extremely happy with it. I don't own a boat and I do a lot of bank fishing. The iBobber helps me find fish when they are there, and perhaps more importantly tells me if there are NO fish where I am fishing. Then I know not to waste my time there. It is easy to cast and I have not had any issues with syncing the unit to my iPhone 5. There have been some issues, and I have received a couple of replacement units as a result. The customer service is outstanding. Unless I email on the weekend, I always receive a response from Alex in well under 24 hours, usually the same day. They clearly want all of their customers to be happy...

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