iBobber Pulse Bluetooth Smart® Castable Fish Finder with FishSiren


There's fishes. Tag schools of fish up to 135 feet deep with iBobber, a castable, bluetooth fish finder that's exceptionally accurate and fun to use.

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  • New FishSiren™ calls the fish to you
  • Patented sonar fish identifier technology
  • LED beacon
  • Rechargeable battery and charge status indicator light
  • 10+ hrs battery life
  • Flasher Mode
  • Accurate sonar readings down to a depth of 135'
  • 2 Snap swivel connections for use as bobber or as remote fish finder
  • Bluetooth Smart sync up to a distance of 100' for best battery life on the market
  • Choose between raw sonar or fish tagging views
  • Depth-tagged fish icons color coded by size
  • Waterbed and structure contour mapping
  • GPS spot tagging with interactive map
  • Trip Log with date, time, location, water temp, conditions, type of fishing, lure, number and species of fish caught
  • Fish & strike alarms
  • Optional social media share features
  • Compatible with Google Watch and iWatch
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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2nd Day Delivery Must Be Ordered By 1PM EST

Shore Fishing

Catching more fish from shore requires some preparation. Using a castable fish finder is a great way to figure out what the bottom looks like and if you should stay. iBobber is the lightest portable fish finder and can be cast long distances. Map the bottom contours, locate fish or structure, ledges and holes where the lunkers lurk. You can GPS mark spots, laydowns (trees that have fallen), weed beds, drop-offs and other underwater structure where fish might be laying in wait to ambush baitfish.

Dock and Pier Fishing

iBobber is great addition to your tackle bucket for pier fishing. You’ll have the advantage over all the other anglers who don't know where the fish are, or where they might be hiding. Whether in freshwater or the ocean, cast out to map the waterbed down to 135ft, mark fish, and save GPS locations and you’ll catch more and larger fish every time. Use iBobber's fishfinder feature to locate fish and warn you when schools of fish gather under docks and piers. If you would like notification when they're biting, use the fish alarm to wake you up to reel them in!

Kayak and SUP Fishing

Portable watercraft fishing is the fastest growing segment in the fishing industry and for good reason. Whether fishing in saltwater for redfish or freshwater for large or smallmouth the appeal of these crafts is obvious. Necessary conservation efforts now mean that many great fishing waterways don’t allow powered watercraft. There’s something primal about getting closer to nature and your targets and doing battle with a big fish from a small boat. The iBobber is one of the perfect kayak accessory as a fish and depth finder that doesn’t require permanent installation and allows for reach beyond the hull.

Ice Fishing and Night Fishing

If your favorite angler loves ice fishing it makes a great Christmas / Holiday season gift because the recipient will be able to go out and use it immediately. The iBobber and app are ideal tools for ice fishing due to the light weight, portability and the fish finder and fish alarms, that let you know when fish are present and when they bite. Also use the trip log to save your favorite spots, water temps, depths and species caught and GPS marking for future trips.

1906: Sonar technology first developed to 'see' underwater

1962: Researchers discover predatory fish can be called with certain frequencies

2016: ReelSonar combines the two technologies for an unbeatable fish finding tool: iBobber Pulse™ with FishSiren™

Watch out, Fish, it's our turn!

iBobber's newest feature is called FishSiren™ for a reason; named after the mythical Sea Siren, FishSiren™ taps into the 'ears' of predatory/game fish by mimicking the vibrations of prey, luring them in.

iBobber Pulse with FishSiren This 'ear' is called the lateral line and is present in most predatory game fish, including bass, crappie, trout, catfish, red fish, stripers, flounder, drum, snook and bluegill.* Though the idea itself of calling fish is not new (around since the late 1950's/early 60's) we knew we had a way to maximize its potential as well iBobber's. Now you can call fish with the tap of your finger, as well as see them, waterbed contours and depth, and everything else the original iBobber™ can do.** Now there's no need to spend money on a separate fish attractor unit, or different fish calling lures anymore! As with any of iBobber's features, you don't have to use it, but it sure is nice when you want it.

Whether you are a conservationist, kayak, shore, or river angler, travel for fishing, or just want to be the first on the dock with the coolest gadget, the iBobber Pulse™ with FishSiren™ is for you. We hope iBobber Pulse™ will also engage new and young anglers by speeding up the process of learning the many factors involved in catching fish.

*If you are interested in learning more about the use of the lateral line, there are many resources. Here are a few:

**The FishSiren™ cannot be used at the same time as the bite/strike alarm as the alarm relies on vibrations to identify a bite/strike.