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Cast. Find. Catch. Repeat.

The fish finder that syncs with your smart phone and tablet.

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It work pretty good and weight pretty accurate so far

Got this in the mail, it didn't come with battery but not a big deal. It work pretty good and weight pretty accurate so far. However, the reason I only give it a 4 star because I only got it for a day and just testing it out around the house so I don't know how it will hold up in the long term. Will take it out and see how it do for fishing. Also one thing I don't like is that it don't weight in ounce, you have to convert the decimal into ounce which you will have to multiply the decimal number by 16 to find out how many ounce.

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Awesome little depth finder!

This thing is Awesome! I was very skeptical, but my 10yo son insisted on buying it with his money. We charged it up, linked it to my phone, and it works! The mapping feature is cool as well as the fish finder. We haven't tried the bite alert or whatever it's called. This little depth finder definitely surprised me. If you're on a budget or just want a cool little gadget for the tackle box, this iBobber is what you need.

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Better than I expected.

I was considering the more expensive portable sonars, but as an 'occasional' fisherman wasn't needing the rolls royce of a sonar unit. This iBobber was better than I expected. Seemed to very accurately (and quickly) gauge and measure the fish around a pier and in still water. Using in the rough surf was a bit challenging but this was mainly due to the surf dragging it in before I could get a reading. Firmware update... in the manual says it will take under 5 mins, but it actually took 45 mins (but did work eventually, be patient when the app looks like it's hung - was update from 1.0 to 1.4). Overall, it's a great bit of kit for the price. Would buy again.

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Exactly as described

This is a great unit! Does everything it says it will do! App works great on iPhone 6

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Sometimes takes a little to long to actually connect. One main thing I think should be mentioned is you have to hold your phone up and point it directly at the iBobber and you shouldn't lose connection, I almost returned it but the the seller told me to point the phone directly at it. They responded via email very quickly and was willing to exchange my unit. Very nice product.

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A must have!

To quote my 10 year old son: "Puts the fun in fishing!" For me a life long fishermen, the iBobber is amazing!

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2 years with the iBobber

Two years ago I did research on all the portable castable fish finders on the market before settling on this one. Price point and features were big for me in deciding on the iBobber. It does what it claims and marks fish, depth, and water temperature accurately. Some of the other nice features are the underwater mapping and fish alarm... I have used it both casting from shore and dragging it behind my kayak. I will turn on the fish alarm as I am paddling and it will alert me of fish I've gone over so I don't have to stare at it constantly. I use a waterproof smart phone pouch around my neck, which in my opinion is a must, to aid in using the device. The iBobber is able to determine two different fish sizes, those under 15 inches and those over 15. The led light is a welcomed feature for night fishing. My friend has the Deeper and while the sonar app looks more like an advanced sonar map I'm not convinced it's actually much better for the price. He continually had problems ... with the app freezing on his Samsung device. I use an iPhone and have had very minimal crashing on the iBobber platform. His Deeper is also considerably heavier than the iBobber. So much so that I would not recommend casting it without heavy braided line. I use a dedicated dock demon pole with heavy braid to cast mine out and leave it there while I fish with my other rods from shore. The Deeper also makes you purchase a separate cover if you want to access it's led light for night fishing which is ridiculous because of how much it already costs. Battery life is the issue with all these devices. Once they're fully charged they do last around 8 hours. But you must charge it the night or hours before you go out. Charge either of these a couple of days in advance of a trip and they go dead before you get there. Overall I'm satisfied with the iBobber. It isn't perfect yet, none of them are. It's a new generation in castable fishing gadgetry and I'm sure improvements will come along. But for me the price point/ features of such a new gadget was what hooked me. Good luck out there.

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