Love at first cast. The fishfinder that syncs
with your smart phone or tablet.

From your first cast, there’s a lot to love about iBobber™.

You’ll love that it syncs via Bluetooth Smart® with your iPhone or iPad or phone or tablet for Android™ up to 100’ away, so you have a fishfinder that’s as mobile as you are.

iBobber uses sophisticated sonar to locate fish down to 135’, with 2 fish sizes, while the intuitive app enables you to GPS tag favorite hotspots, map waterbed contours, and measures water temperature.

And you’ll love that you can save details of all your fishing adventures with the Trip Log, and share it all on social media. You’ll also love the Lunar Calendar, Fish and Strike Alarm, LED Beacon, Weather sync, and stunning graphics. 

The love gets even deeper when you see how simple iBobber is to use. One cast and you’ll be hooked. Fish with it and you’ll have great stories to tell. A love story, too. Get the free iPhone app. Or free Android app

Waterbed Mapping
Waterbed Mapping
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Fishing is fun. Finding fish is more fun.

iBobber is for anyone who loves to find fish, and wants to catch more of them.
Just cast it and Ping! iBobber syncs via Bluetooth Smart and shows you where
the fish are.

iBobber is simple to use, easy to charge, and can help make fishing more fun
than it's ever been. Even if you have a boat-mounted fishfinder, iBobber can free
you from seeing fish only under your boat.  And finding more fish is always a lot
more fun than just fishing. Get the free iPhone app or free Android app.

iBobber Features • iOS & Android

Sonar: 3' - 135’ deep • Depth scale & Fish depth & 2 Sizes GPS Tagging: Tag fishing hotspots
Waterbed Mapping: Up to 100'  H20 Temp
Lunar Calendar: Month & Day, Moon & Sun rise/set Fish Alarm
Weather: Temp, Rain, Wind & Barometer LED Beacon: Remote On / Off
Strike Alarm: On / Off / Adjustable Battery Status
Trip Log: Date, Time, Location, Title, Conditions, Type of Fishing, Lure, # of fish caught/species, Map        
Included: iBobber, USB Charger, Carry Pouch, Instructions, App Redemption

iBobber Specs • iOS & Android

Sonar Depth: 3 to 135ft / 41m Units: Imperial / Metric
Bluetooth Range: Up to 100ft / 30m Battery: 3.7V Rechargeable
Sonar: Single Beam, 90° , 118kHz Battery Charge: Up to 10 hrs / Standby ~ weeks
Bluetooth: Bluetooth Smart v4.0  Size: 59mm Diameter
Power: Auto-On in water Weight: 47gm / 1.7oz

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of iBobber and the App?
The app is free. The Suggested Retail Price of the iBobber is only $99.99 (U.S.). Download the free app for your iphone/tablet from iTunes or free app for Android from Google Play. iBobber comes complete with a USB charger, carrying pouch, and product information guide. Please note that 2nd Day Delivery from must be ordered by 1pm EST
How does iBobber work?
Simple. Just attach a fishing line through the eyelet of the iBobber and cast where you want to see under the water, or where you want to begin to map the contour of the waterbed. The iBobber turns on upon contact with the water, and "sees" fish, water temperature, and depth (2 fish sizes - orange depth tag is 15" and under, green depth tag is over 15"). To map the contour of the waterbed contour down to 135ft, all you do is tap the app to the Waterbed Mapping screen, tap to begin, reel in the iBobber at a slow rate, tap to stop, and you've got a contour of the waterbed. Couldn't be easier. And even better, the iBobber can be used from shore, boat, or dock.
Will iBobber® work with every Apple and Android phone and tablet?
Currently iBobber works with smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth® Smart 4.0 that support iOS (Apple) 6.0, 7.0, and 8.1 operating systems, and phones and tablets for Android that run v4.3 and later. This includes iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and 6 series, iPad 3 & 4,and  Mini, and phones and tablets for Android that run v4.3 and later. We will not be supporting the Windows phone or Blackberry. Download the free app for your phone/tablet from iTunes or free app for Android from Google Play. 
What is Bluetooth® Smart, and why do we use it?
Bluetooth Smart 4.0 is the next generation Bluetooth. And we're the only fishfinder to use Bluetooth Smart® 4.0. Bluetooth Smart is very clever technology that does a really good job keeping devices continually paired. And in our case, up to 100' away. Unlike wi-fi, Bluetooth Smart provides a more secure connection without sucking the life out of your smart device battery (talk on your cell for an hour over wi-fi, two if you're lucky, then check your battery). A wi-fi link is designed to always be up, and hopefully, connected (and as connected draining your smart device battery). If the wi-fi link goes down it needs to be re-established and it's up to the smart device to do that... searching to make a connection... draining your device battery - and - between connections - data is lost. Bluetooth Smart is designed for locations where signals drop or fade. Bluetooth Smart enables and maintains a strong, low energy connection with a smart device, and when needed, the unit powers up, negotiates a data link (highway), sends its data, then shuts down the data link. This strong, low energy connection, and on/off data highway when needed, is what makes Bluetooth Smart the ideal solution for products that will benefit from long battery life, such as the iBobber (up to 10 hrs on each charge). 
Will the iBobber app get updates?
Yes. As we add even more functionality, we'll make updates available. As a matter-of-fact, we're already into our 3rd release. In addition, we are developing other products to help make your fishing the best it can be. Check back soon to see them.
Is the iBobber waterproof?
Yes.  The iBobber case is sealed so water won't get in. And it has an IP67 protection rating. Wondering what IP67 stands for? Here's the skinny:

In simple terms, you don't want ingress of dust or water into the iBobber case. You want protection for the iBobber, and ultimately, protection for your fun day of fishing.

IP = ingress protection.
6 is the best rating against solid particles, which means that iBobber is dust tight, protecting against dust like a superhero. Mistakingly dredge iBobber in that bowl of flour meant for your fish-fry, and the flour won't get in.

7 is the second best rating against water, which means iBobber is suitable for submersion. That's pretty darn waterproof. So you'll have no worries as iBobber floats along finding fish for you, maybe helping make that day of fishing the best day ever.
Can I use iBobber for ice fishing?
Yes. Nice thing about using iBobber, if you need to leave your ice shanty for any reason, you can take your smart device with you and keep tabs on the fish, and/or see if you've got a strike.
Who should use the iBobber?
Anyone who likes to find and catch fish, and wants to find and catch more of them.
What is the cost of the iBobber?
Suggested Retail Price is only $99.99 (U.S.). Please note that 2nd Day Delivery from must be ordered by 1pm EST.
Where can I buy the iBobber?
Click on Retailers at the top of this website to see the folks carrying iBobber. Note that we are currently writing orders, and will have iBobber in many more retail outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada, and in Europe and Asia. iBobber is also available for purchase through this website. We'll update our Retailer list as we add retail locations.
When will iBobber be available, and when can I download an app from the Apple App Store or Google Play?
The free iOS app (Apple) is available from iTunes. And the free app for Android from Google Play. Get our Newsletter so you'll be among the first to hear any iBobber news.
Does the iBobber have a Warranty?
Of course. iBobber has a 1-year Limited Warranty that covers your purchase/return for up
to one year if the iBobber is defective. You are responsible for shipping the iBobber
back to us with our Return Authorization, and once we make sure it hasn't been externally
damaged, which led to the defect, we would send you a new one. 
As for our return policy... if
purchased directly from we operate like many retailers— you can return the
iBobber with our Return Authorization within 30 days of purchase. The iBobber and all its
accessories will need to be unused and in the original box. You would be responsible for
shipping the iBobber back to us. Naturally, if purchased from one of our retailers, our 1-year
Limited Warranty is in effect, but the retailers return policy would apply. 
I have more questions. How do I contact you?
We're happy to answer any questions you have. Just drop us a line using our Newsletter / Email form at the bottom of this website.  
I represent a retailer and/or online store. How can I get iBobber in my shop?
We'd be happy to connect you to one of our reps or distributors around the world. Just contact us using our Contact form at the bottom of this website.
I'm a journalist who writes about fishing. And I'd like more information about iBobber.
We love folks who love to write about fishing. Just write us via our Contact form at the bottom of this website, and we'd be happy to talk with you.
Download: iBobber Product Information Guide
iBobber Product Information Guide
下载: 中国版 IBOBBER 安卓软件
欢迎您下载此款安卓手机及安卓平板的IBOBBER应用软件,安卓系统的要求是4.3及以上,蓝牙版本要求4.0及以上。请点击以下地址下载(the link). 苹果系统的手机及平板,请到苹果官方APP STORE中搜索IBOBBER下载。 谢谢


The concept for iBobber began in the Spring of 2012 with a very simple question that Alex, our CEO, asked of himself when he was trying to catch bass with his father-in-law. Fishing from the back of the boat, Alex looked longingly at Jim's boat-mounted fish finder that was mounted too far forward to see the screen clearly. And Alex wondered, "why can't I have a fishfinder connected to my iPhone (or Android), then I can see it anywhere I'm on the boat? Or from shore, or a pier, or a kayak, or from a friend's boat?!" And so iBobber was born.

As you get to know us, you'll find that ReelSonar is a company not only created by guys who love to fish, but that we're dedicated to helping all anglers, amateur to professional, young to old, bait lovers and lure aficionados, find more fish so they can catch more fish.

Bottom line— we love fishing and want to do everything we can to make fishing the most fun it can be for everyone. Get your own iBobber at one of our Retailers, and get the free iPhone app or free app for Android.


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After an unusually warm December in many parts of the country, it looks like winter has finally arrived in full force. It’s that time of year when boats are winterized, people stay indoors more often, and fishing tends to move to the back burner as we start daydreaming of snow days and/or spring. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re one of the many people who got an iBobber for Christmas, don’t despair. You don’t have to wait until spring to start enjoying it. Keep on reading for our favorite ways to whittle away these winter months. First, let’s answer one of our most commonly asked questions on Facebook: Take your iBobber ice fishing! Yes, you can...

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ReelSonar's 2015 Year in Review

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Happy New Year from all of your friends at ReelSonar! As we get ready to ring in the New Year, we want to take the opportunity to recap some of our favorite moments from 2015 and announce a BRAND NEW PRODUCT coming your way in 2016! New Product: ReelSonar Multi-Tool Pliers! Our new ReelSonar Multi-Tool Pliers hit stores this January and feature the five most needed tools for fishing. This corrosion-resistant, stainless steel tool features 4” needle nose pliers, a serrated knife, braided line cutters, file tool, and leader crimper, all packed into a heavy duty nylon sheath and clip-on lanyard. The design is simple and easy to use with one hand, so you never have to fumble with an...

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Top 5 Reasons Why the iBobber Makes an Epic Christmas Gift

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With Christmas less than two weeks away, you may still be shopping for the perfect gift for the last few people on your shopping list. But not to worry, as you still have plenty of time to order your iBobber(s) for anyone on your shopping list who loves fishing and spending time outdoors. We’ve rounded up our Top 5 reasons why the iBobber makes a great gift for all ages, experience levels, and budgets. First, we know Christmas budgets can balloon out of control when shopping for multiple people, so that’s why… The iBobber is affordable.  We hope you jumped on our Cyber Monday deal of saving 25% off your purchase from our website. But even at full price of...

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