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Fishhound Product Review

Fishhound iBobber review

Nothing better than a review from a fisherman that's used iBobber for months and has really had a chance to test out the features!

"I've been playing around with the iBobber for about 4 months. For those of you that aren't familiar with this unit, the iBobber is a product from ReelSonar that allows you to have all the functions of a fishfinder in the palm of your hand. There are many practical applications for the unit, and I've even found some other uses that are really exciting as well that I think a lot of anglers are going to find appealing!

The iBobber is very simple to use. The first couple times I took it with me to the lake I brought along an extra rod spooled with braided line that I only used to cast the iBobber. Paired with my smartphone (works on apple or android, smartphone and tablet), it's really lightweight and very easy to use. You only need to download a free app, and connect with the device to your phone with Bluetooth Smart. This is great because you don't need cell service to connect, so it will work even in the most remote places. But also, if you do have reception, it won't interfere with your calls like a wifi connection would. After my first couple trips I began using the unit as a ..."

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iBobber vs Deeper Pro+ : a Head to Head Review

iBobber vs Deeper Jim Root compares  the pros and cons of both iBobber and Deeper Pro+.

"With all the new portable fish finders on the market, it can be really overwhelming to know which is the right one for us as consumers.  With that in mind I decided to put two of those options up against one another straight out of the box to see what the deal was on each of these units.  Many of you probably go into a purchase of a unit like this with a predetermined idea of what you’re willing to spend, and features you need to have.  But there are certainly features from each unit that you might not have been made aware of (both good and bad) that could play a big part in you being satisfied with your unit after purchasing it.  Price can always be a factor, and since it’s the easiest to differentiate we’ll start there.  In this case the Deeper Pro+ (DPP) is $239.99 and the iBobber is $99, but there functions of each that the other doesn’t have."

Jim goes on to consider ease of use, weight, battery life, and the features of the apps that go along with these fish finders. A lifelong fisherman with an impressive fishing resume including more than 50 tournament wins, Jim knows what to look for in a fish finder.  If you are not sure which is best for you, this article can help you sort it out. 

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Fishing on Pyramid Lake with iBobber

The folks at took iBobber out for some fall fishing:

"Pyramid Lake in California was the spot to try this hi-tech bobber that can make life easier for every fisherman. Packaged in an incredibly small package, the iBobber is a simple device that you can hook up to your fishing line and cast with your lure...

Weather on Pyramid Lake in September is great. I had no trouble at all gaining a connection to the iBobber, and it immediately began streaming the depth and lake bed visual to my phone. Within seconds this time, it started to pick up fish as well, sitting at about 18-24' deep. Quick adjusting of my fishing gear was all it takes to get a first fish. iBobber was working fine all day, helping me a lot and I was happy to have it that day with me. I have no idea how it would perform on ocean but on the lake it worked just fine!"

Check out the rest of the review at

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Survivorgeek Checks Out the Multi-tool Pliers

Survivorgeek Multi-tool Pliers review

Survivorgeek Reviews the Multi-tool Pliers. 

"First of all, let’s discuss the sheath and lanyard.  I’m surprised these are not more common with fishing tools, as it is not only just common sense to have your tools easily at hand, but also to have ways to keep them from being lost over the side of a boat!  Suffice it to say, these seem like two really essential components for a tool that you’d always want with you.

The pliers are quite long which allow easier extraction of hooks and are spring-loaded, which makes them easier to use one-handed.  (They also have a latch that keeps them from popping open at an inopportune time.)  I tested it on a length of paracord and it cut through pretty easily.  Braided (not to mention monofilament!) fishing line doesn’t stand a chance.  The pliers also have an integrated leader crimper and serrated line cutter, which can even cut braided line with ease..."

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Bass Fisherman Tests iBobber

iBobber testing and review

Jo.K takes iBobber out for a test drive and comes home with a couple of nice bass. He describes what happened the first time he put iBobber into the water, showing both the app screens and the results of casting in the spot that iBobber marked. Then he details some of the app features and functions, such as the Trip Log, Lunar Calendar, Current Conditions and of course the Waterbed Mapping. His informative review is packed with pictures and is a great read for those considering a sonar fish finder. 

"With the iBobber being more on the budget side, I took a chance. I was a bit skeptical given the mixed reviews but so far, I have been very pleased with my purchase."

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