Here at ReelSonar, we seek to make the world a better place, saving lives, families, and the environment in the process...

Haha, just kidding! But all of us, Alex, Nina, T.O., Paul, Ayne, and the rest of the Reel Sonar team, do like to have fun here. We also think fishing is a blast, even when you don't catch anything but a stick! Of course, catching something worth bragging about feels even better. It's true, a positive fishing experience can do a lot for a relationship, but at the end of the day, we love simply being able to help you enjoy life and your favorite activity a little more. Whether you're a casual or serious angler, a conservationist in need of a simple tool, or a Scout leader wanting to teach kids how to fish, we have you in mind as we grow both as a company and product line.

As you get to know us, you'll find that ReelSonar is a company not only created by folks who love to fish, but that we're dedicated to helping all anglers, amateur to professional, young to old, bait lovers and lure aficionados, find more fish so they can catch more fish.

The concept for iBobber began in the Spring of 2012 when Alex, our CEO, was trying to catch bass with his father-in-law. From the back of the boat, Alex looked longingly at the fish finder mounted too far away to see clearly. Alex wondered, "Why can't I have a fish finder connected to my smartphone so I can see it anywhere I'm on the boat? Or from shore, or a pier, or a kayak, or from a friend's boat?!" And so iBobber was born.

Our products are aimed at full-circle fishing, including catch-and-release tools. As a small American company we know that if we provide the tools to experience an old tradition in new ways, people will turn it into something you never could have imagined! So that's where we are now: at the beginning of revolution. We always love hearing the different ways people use our products, so if you decide you want to be part of our little revolution, we hope you'll share that with us! You can keep up with us (and help us keep up with you) on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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