Our newest iBobber allows you to harness the legendary call of the Siren!

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Cast. Find. Catch. Repeat.

The fish finder that syncs with your smart phone and tablet.

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Great product

Great idea and so far have had a lot of luck with it working.

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Might Get Another One!

Needed a device that I could use from my kayak and iBobber seemed the likely choice. Now I'm able to quickly identify drop offs and structure that help me locate fish. Have also had success dragging device from the kayak and accessing without using a fishing pole. Perfect solution for kayakers!

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Unbelievable product Extremely reliable and worked very accurate

Unbelievable product Extremely reliable and worked very accurate

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Great product that works as described.

Have used it about five times so far and seems to work perfect. Love the water temp feature. So far the longest I have had it out in the water is about five hours and was still going strong. No connection problems at all.

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Great tool to have

Just got the iBobber and took it to the local fishing hole. Worked great for me. It is easy to operate, read, record, and the fish were there when it showed them. Great for in a boat and you don't want to drive over your spot, in a pond, out of a kayak, or any way you could possibly think to use it. (screenshot)

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Got this present for my birthday and I couldn't be happier! Works great and so easy to travel with. Definitely worth the wait. :)

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Versatile, Simple, Effective

I am a shore angler who needed a way to see what I was casting at and where fish were postioned. I can't believe how well it worked, marked schools of fish down to even baitfish and was extremely accurate. Plus slow the read speed down for Ice mode!

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Great for lake or pond!

Very cool concept. It definitely helps out when your fishing off shore on a lake/pond.

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2 years with the ibobber

Two years ago I did research on all the portable castable fish finders on the market before settling on this one. Price point and features were big for me in deciding on the ibobber. It does what it claims and marks fish, depth, and water temperature accurately. Some of the other nice features are the underwater mapping and fish alarm. I have used it both casting from shore and dragging it behind my kayak.

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ibobber = iawesome

Very easy to use & was amazed it worked well! Really helpful in areas to view depth and weeds - I recommend using it on a different pole....cast out and let it drift . Plus that way you don't lose it on runaway fish that could snap your line. Cool gift for the fishermen or women. Plus if you have kids they love being able to see the fish on the screen & tell you how far down they are.... It keeps the little ones occupied for sure.

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Great Value with Good Customer Care

I purchased the iBobber July 3, 2015 for use in my fishing kayak. It was at a nice price point and has the benefit of supreme portability. While it had some software problems initially, ReelSonar offered rapid and helpful support, even offering a replacement unit in the meantime. The software issue is now resolved and I'm now seeing where the fish are in my favorite fishing holes. Nice product.

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Worked great

This worked flawlessly for me. Easy to use and if it shows them they're there. You just have to catch them. (screenshot)

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Not a gimmick. Works great!

This product really works. Its more than just a fish finder. You get water temps, weather, and more. I love being able to cast it to anywhere I want to map the bottom and find structure, because that is where the fish are. Its very user friendly and straight forward to use. It even works great from my boat. You will not regret buying this!

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Fun with the kids

This product is great simple to use. We had a little trouble with the connection but my kids were casting it a lot instead of leaving it out there. We'll try cast it out once and leaving it there next time we go out.

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Review of the iBobber

As a bank angler I had been eyeballing one of these for a couple months, and finally decided to bite the bullet last night and pick one up from Dicks. For those unfamiliar the iBobber is a castable bluetooth fishfinder that syncs up to a smartphone or tablet. To get a good test I went out this morning to a spot I hadn't been before. It was very easy to sync up to my phone, and intuitive to read. I ended up finding a deep hole in the middle of a creek that I had no idea was there.

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iBobber™ is the easiest to use, most dynamic mobile fish finder and app. The iBobber™ was designed for portability and flexibility—anglers of any skill level and budget can now use our patented technology to see what's below the surface wherever they fish! The iBobber™ uses sophisticated sonar technology to locate and identify fish down to 135 feet deep, depth-tagged and color coded by size. With the trip log you can save GPS tagged favorite hotspots, mapped waterbed contours, water temperature, fish species, photos, and more. You can even get weather, sunrise, and moon-phase information! All on smart devices you already own using Bluetooth Smart® for amazing battery life.