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iBobber Fish Finder 1-Year Limited Warranty

The iBobber, as supplied and distributed by ReelSonar, Inc., and delivered new, in the original carton to the original customer purchaser, is warranted by ReelSonar, Inc. against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year. ReelSonar, Inc. will repair or replace this product, at our option and at no charge with new or reconditioned parts, if found to be defective during the limited warranty period specified above.

In the case of a manufacture or workmanship defect, please contact us at If found to be a manufacture or workmanship defect you will be issued a Return Authorization (RA) number, and instructions for shipping. We do not accept returns without the RA number. Purchaser is responsible for shipping to us. We will pay for the shipping to you.

Important Safety and Care

After use, wipe the iBobber and USB Charger with a clean, dry cloth and store dry in the pouch provided. The iBobber brass pins on the bottom must be rinsed with fresh water after exposure to salt water to prevent corrosion. Do not place the iBobber in a wet area or on a metal surface when not in use as water activates the iBobber. The iBobber could be activated without your knowledge, draining the battery.

Keep the iBobber within acceptable temperatures. Operate and store where the temperature is 0°F and 125°F. Keep away from heat and flame sources such as heaters, stoves, radiators and other sources that generated heat or flames. Do not store the iBobber in temperatures above 125ºF.

iBobber should never be used as a navigational aid to prevent boat or water craft damage, grounding, or personal injury. Use as a navigational aid will void the warranty.

To reduce the risk of damage or injury, and to keep warranty compliant, do not open the iBobber or the USB Charger. Never service the iBobber yourself.

Never abuse, puncture, or step on the iBobber. This can damage the exterior shell, compromise the waterproofness, render it inoperable, and void the warranty.

Never place anything but the iBobber in the USB charger. Placing coins or metal into the charger could cause those objects to heat and burn on contact with skin.

Never cast iBobber in dangerous, hazardous, or areas where fishing is not permitted.Never cast iBobber into rocks.

Never use iBobber if the exterior shell has been compromised. Contact

Always try to keep iBobber in sight when it’s on the water. At night, use the built-in light to flash the iBobber location.

Periodically examine iBobber for potential hazards such as a cracked or damaged exterior shell.