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Time for Another Photo Roundup!

Spring has officially sprung, and we love how many of our iBobber fans have been taking advantage of this prime fishing weather. Oh, and by the way, have you noticed that we're almost to 9,000 Facebook fans?! So many fans means lots of customer-submitted photos of your fishing triumphs, so this week we're highlighting your contributions in a photoblog.

First, let's take a digital road trip to France. The iBobber has officially made waves in France with the international customers, and it gives us a great chance to see what species people like to target in other countries. Our friend Adam has been enjoying great success with the carp at Lac Les Ecurie in Northern France.

fish finder gps combo

Let me rephrase: Adam has been going to town on MONSTER carp.

Fisherman uses the iBobber fish finder to catch a monster carp

Has anyone here in the States ever caught such a huge carp?! If so, we hope you'll share your photos on Facebook as well! In the meantime, we hope Adam will keep sending us carp photos.

iBobber - the bluetooth smart fish finder

Let's come back a little closer to home for the rest of the photos. We're seeing more anglers taking the iBobber to tournaments and competing alongside traditional boat-mounted fish finders, and we hope to see that trend continue. We would love for the iBobber to let more people participate in tournaments and not feel like they're at a disadvantage because they can't afford hundreds of dollars on a fish finder. At less than $100, the iBobber is a great value and loaded with user-friendly features.

budget sonar fish finder

And finally, let's check in with our friend Brett, who spent the winter ice fishing and shared some of the highlights with us. Now that the ice has thawed, he's still spending plenty of time on the water and putting the iBobber through its paces.

ice fishing sonar fish finder

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate that sweet hook tattoo? If any of our other fans have fishing-related ink, we would love to see some photos on Facebook. Bonus points if the tattoo is next to a fish, as seen below:

wireless fish finder

To our photographers, thanks for all the amazing hero shots! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@ReelSonar) to share your photos. We may feature them on a future blog! Stay tuned for more fishing stories, media coverage, and iBobber updates. For now, keep on fishing! 

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