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How to Use the iBobber: Kayak Fishing

We’re back for the third installment of our iBobber tutorial blogs! If you’ve watched our recent video tutorials, then you’ve seen how the iBobber can help you catch more fish and set effective fish traps while casting from the shore. We also have plenty of customers who love kayak fishing, so we’re going to get a first-hand perspective on using your iBobber from your kayak. 

The Setting: I paddle on Tims Ford Lake frequently, and it’s a great location for bass, crappie, and bluegill. I brought two medium-action spinning rods and reels and a selection of surface lures, grubs, and weighted hooks. The forecast had called for scattered showers throughout the day, and it rained for about ten minutes before I launched my kayak. Luckily, the rain blew over, and the afternoon was pleasantly warm and sunny.

The coves behind the marina and around the paved bicycle bridge are a no-wake zone, which makes it ideal for kayaks and canoes. As an added bonus, my fiancé and I had that entire section of the lake to ourselves.

Kayak fishing with the iBobber sonar fish finder

Using the iBobber: When fishing from a kayak, space is more limited than in a motor boat, and some kayaks may only have one or two rod holders. Swivels are an absolutely indispensable component of your tackle box, especially if you only bring one rod. To simulate fishing from a small, confined kayak, I tried making test casts with the iBobber using my main rod and then switching it with a surface lure. Using only one rod works great from the shore, but if your kayak can carry two rods, I recommend designating one rod for the iBobber and one as your primary fishing rod.

iBobber fishfinder app app for iPhone or Android

First, the iBobber worked great at finding fish. It confirmed multiple fish near the concrete supports of the bike bridge, hiding near submerged trees and vegetation, and next to man-made fish attracting devices. 

I spent most of the afternoon casting with my iBobber, finding locations with fish, and then pulling out my designated fishing rod. The waterbed mapping feature also showed that the bottom of the cove was mostly flat and featureless, with minimal shelf habitats.

sonar waterbed mapping

Eventually, I came up with a nonconventional strategy of trolling the iBobber beside my kayak. It worked just like a more expensive on-board fish finder that only projects sonar underneath the boat. However, I enjoyed not having to switch rods every few minutes, and it was no trouble to paddle over a good spot, confirm the presence of fish with the iBobber, and then position my kayak for casting. I also switched on the iBobber app’s fish alarm, which was handy for confirming the presence of fish without constantly glancing at my iPhone screen.

fishing for bass from kayak

But the main question is how well the iBobber helps you catch fish. The iBobber confirmed the presence of fish in locations where I expected to find them, but the device goes a step further by showing the depths of the fish. I found the most fish signals near the man-made fish-attracting devices, and they were mostly in deeper water during the heat of the day. Using this information, I switched from my surface Rapala to a shaky head jig, and two casts later, hooked and landed a 12-inch largemouth bass. So yes, the iBobber definitely helps you catch fish by pinpointing numbers, sizes, and water depths so that you can make informed decisions on which lures and techniques to use.

catching fish with sonar fishfinder

Trip Log: The iBobber app includes a Trip Log feature, which is extremely convenient for keeping your fishing notes in one place. See the star icon on the screen? Just tap it to create a new trip log, and you can easily input your information on water conditions, fish caught, lures used, and any other notes.

Fishing app for iOS and Android phone and tablet

The Verdict: I highly recommend the iBobber for kayak fishing. Make sure you bring swivels, especially if you only have one rod, to easily switch between the iBobber and a lure. If you’re using two rods, feel free to be creative with how you use your iBobber. You can troll the iBobber beside your kayak, cast it to map the waterbed, or leave it in the water for the fish alarm. It takes the guesswork out of what lures to use by showing the water depths where the fish are hiding, so you spend more time catching fish. And the Trip Log feature is great for recording GPS coordinates and effective lures for your favorite fishing spots.

Catch more fish from your kayak with the iBobber

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