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New Product Release and Even More YouTube Reviews!

Happy Halloween from all your friends at ReelSonar! In the spirit of the season, we have a special treat for you – no tricks, we promise. 

New Product Release – ReelSonar Digital Scale

Our ReelSonar Digital Scale is now available for purchase on Amazon

digital fishing scale  

This compact, user-friendly digital scale makes the perfect fishing companion for your iBobber. The large LCD screen is easy to read with tare weighting and a stainless steel hook that holds up to 99 lb/45 kg. The scale measures in both pounds and kilograms and comes with a 39 in built-in tape measure, which makes it an ideal tool for fishing tournaments and adhering to length and weight limits for bass, bluegill, crappie, and any other target species.

At only $17.99, these digital scales make fantastic stocking stuffers for the outdoor enthusiast on your holiday shopping list. Stash one in your tackle box, on your boat, or in your kayak, and you’ll always be prepared for a day on the water!

YouTube Editorial Updates

We love when people field-test the iBobber and send us photos and videos of their fishing accomplishments. This month two popular YouTube bass fishermen have posted reviews and field-tests of the iBobber, and we have shared the links below.

First, Fishing the Midwest just released a 16-minute fishing montage where Jon B. field-tests the iBobber and offers his feedback and opinions. If you want to skip straight to the fish, start at the 4:48 mark. Jon explains how the iBobber showed him that what looks like a shallow pool winds up being a deep haven with plenty of big, hungry bass! 

If you enjoy this video, be sure to check out Fishing the Midwest’s Facebook page.

Next, Andrew Flair from Fishing with Flair has released this short and sweet 5-minute unboxing and fishing montage. If you want to skip the unboxing sequence, start watching at the 3:00 mark. This video showcases the usefulness of the iBobber as a strike indicator, and the strike alarm on the iBobber app works like a charm as Andrew and his girlfriend catch sunfish from their boat.

You can stay updated on Fishing with Flair’s latest tournaments and fishing videos on their Facebook page.

As always, we want to know how our customers are enjoying their iBobbers, and we welcome any photos, videos, reviews, and feedback so we can continue making quality products to help you catch more fish. Follow ReelSonar on Facebook and Twitter (@ReelSonar) to stay updated on our latest products, news, and promotions. If you have feedback or questions/concerns about the iBobber, you can send us a private message on Facebook or email us at

For now, keep on fishing!

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