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iBobber review from Girls In The Outdoors

iBobber in the water

Girls in the Outdoors is dedicated to encouraging girls to participate in outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, camping and geocaching. Founder Hilary took the iBobber out for a test run and wrote a long blog post detailing her experiences with iBobber, including charging, battery life, app usage, and yes, fishing with it. 

"I was surprised how well the iBobber worked. We were fishing in one of our favorite spots and the iBobber told us that the fish were shallow. We were fishing deep though because that is usually where we catch fish in that spot. The people next to us were fishing shallow and they kept catching fish and we never did. I must learn to trust my iBobber!

Another benefit of the iBobber is more than one phone can log into one iBobber, so your friends and family can enjoy your iBobber too. You can also turn on a fish alarm and a hit alarm (if you're using it as a bobber). You can log your trips, check the weather and map the bottom of the area you are fishing. I REALLY like that the iBobber can be used while shore fishing, fishing from a boat, fishing from a float tube or kayak and even ice fishing! It was interesting finding out how deep some of our favorite shore fishing areas are."

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