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Netfish Tournament $500 prize pool

  1. Catches must be of fish caught between 10/1/18 and 10/31/18.
  2. Catches must be posted to Netfish between 10/1/18 and 10/31/18.
  3. Catches must be of Smallmouth Bass.
  4. Catches must include a clear photo of the fish on a measuring device showing the length of the fish.
  5. Fish length must be entered into catch log
  6. Users may submit multiple catches in the tournament period; all posts must include “October2018” in Tournament field in Catch Log.
  7. Length of fish (to the nearest 1/4") will be the determining factor in deciding winner of tournament.
  8. If there are multiple fish of the same length, the second determining factor to decide the winner of the tournament will be the catch that is posted first.   
  9. To qualify for $500 payout, photo of fish must be taken with the iBobber Bluetooth Scale and posted in Catch. Those not using a iBobber Bluetooth Scale in their post will receive $250.
  10. All decisions by ReelSonar personnel are final.


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  • each month we do this tournament it will cycle fish species, so for people with no bass in their area we should have a species you can catch in the future

    mike on
    This is the link to the scale needed for the tournament. rules have been updated, the october tournament is for smallmouth bass

    mike on
  • Ok I’m just seeing this and looks like your a few months later. What is with this

    Mike on
  • This contest is posted a little late

    Kent on
  • Think this contest is posted a little late

    Kent on
  • Will there be a tournament every month?

    Brett on
  • We the best

    Jacob Sturgill on
  • Can it be small mouth bass??

    Jose on
  • Can it be small mouth bass

    Jose on
  • Ok what’s the catch

    Nathan on

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