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Want to catch big walleye at night? 3 Reasons why the iBobber can help you do that!

Want to catch big walleye at night?  3 Reasons why the iBobber can help you do that!

If you’re like me and you either A) aren’t the greatest ice fisherman that ever lived, or B) simply don’t really like it, then you’re craving open water fishing and want to know exactly what you have to do to be successful this time of year.  With bass fishing much slower in the north this time of year than it is during the summer, it’s easy to get frustrated.  But by switching gears a little bit, you can find that the Walleye are very active at night, and you can catch some pure giants if you know where to go and what to look for.  That’s where having an iBobber is key!

LIke I said, you’re going to be fishing at night.  So seeing depth with the naked eye is absolutely not possible.  But because these fish are going to be on or just off the bottom, you need to know depth so that you can properly target them without losing tons of lures.  Many river beds fluctuate in depth this time of year.  So you can’t really be sure from one day to the next if you’re fishing in 7 feet of water or 8.5.  Not to mention that river bottoms change all the time.  What is normally a 10 foot hole one year can be filled in and only be a 5 foot hole the next.  This is another reason why it’s always good to know the depth from day to day.  

Because you’re going to be fishing on or near the bottom, you will need to know your depth so that you can determine what baits to use.  If it’s 7 feet deep, a jerkbait that runs 6 feet is perfect.  But if it’s 9 or ten feet deep, you’ll want a 9 foot diver because the bait that dives to six feet won’t get down deep enough.  A couple quick casts with your iBobber will also tell you right away if there are any large obstructions that you need to avoid, so that you can properly work around them.  

It can also tell you if the fish are suspended, rather than tight to the bottom.  This is very helpful to know because you don’t want to use a bait that will be running beneath the fish.  Fish will often come up to get a bait, but very seldom will they go down to get one.  This will also help you determine what depth to target with your slip bobber if you’re using live bait like minnows.  

Because you’re on a riverbank, having the iBobber is key to your mobility.  Having a bigger, bulkier unit will limit your ability to move from spot to spot, which is really key when trying to locate big schools of walleye.  By being able to carry the iBobber and your phone easily, you’ll be twice as mobile as people with big units that require dedicated batteries.  Also, don’t forget to bring your ReelSonar scale and gripper tool.  The screen on the scale lights up with a soft green light, making it easy to see the weight without blinding you in the dark.

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