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With the ReelSonar Family you can find more fish, catch more fish, release them safely, and build connections with other like-minded and passionate anglers.

As a small American company, we enjoy coming up with new ways to experience old traditions—it’s the American way!

Our ReelSonar products and services are aimed at full-circle fishing, including iBobber and iBobber Pulse fish finders, catch-and-release tools, and our fishing community and virtual-pro app NetFish.

So that's where we are now: at the beginning of a ‘reelvolution’. We hope you’ll be a part of it and have a good time doing so! We always love hearing the different ways people use our products. You can keep up with us (and help us keep up with you) Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using @iBobber #ReelSonar and @NetFish