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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the ReelSonar Brand Ambassador Program!

We created this program to give back to the fishing community, and to make sure anglers of all skill levels and styles are aware of the in latest fishing gear.

ReelSonar currently provides a 3 piece tackle box package for the finding, measuring and releasing of fish:

  • The iBobber Castable Bluetooth Sonar Fish Finder
  • ReelSonar Digital Scale
  • ReelSonar Multitool/Custom Design Fishhook-Removing Pliers

By becoming part of our iBobber Brand Ambassador Program you will become part of a group of elite community members entitled to exclusive benefits and access to the latest in fishing technology. You will also have the chance to be the first to own our most advanced and newest developments before they come out! Considering the high value and exclusivity of these benefits, we have set reasonable but high expectations for Ambassadors.

Please submit the details of your qualifications in the form below to be considered!