The Perfect Holiday Gift

The wireless fish finder that actually works.

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+ Keep Fishing: Simple interface for single-handed operation
+ Bring Your Own Device: iOS/Android (and Apple Watch/Google Watch) compatible
+ Sync Up: Embedded Bluetooth 4.0 gives you a highly reliable connection
+ Goes Where You Go: Lightweight and portable design for easy travel
+ Share With Friends: Use the app to post pictures to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
+ Improve Your Game: Keep a record of the important details (including water temp and conditions)

What do they really want?

If the Amazon wish list is any indication, the answer is iBobber. In addition to being a top seller in the fish finder category, iBobber is one of the most wished for items in Amazon's sporting goods fish finder and depth finder categories. You can buy iBobber and other ReelSonar products at Amazon, Dick's Sporting Goods, Costco, Cabela's and many other retailers, both online and in stores.

Yeah, it's ice fishing time!

iBobber is the perfect tool to make ice fishing more fun. Lightweight and portable, the fish finder and strike alarms let you know when fish are present and when they bite, all up to 100' away! Your angler can get warm in the hut or go fill up on coffee, all without missing a bite. They can also use the trip log to GPS tag and save their favorite spots, along with water temp and depth, species caught, and so much more.

Bank fishing

Take a fish finder on vacation!

The winter months are a great time of year to visit prime saltwater fishing locations in southern Georgia, Florida, the Caribbean or set your sights on more exotic locations. iBobber works great in saltwater or freshwater, and takes up virtually zero space in your luggage. Just remember to pack your charger, and a cooler to ice-pack the many fish you’ll return with!

About ReelSonar

We are an American company with global customers providing the tools to experience an ancient tradition in new and enjoyable ways.

ReelSonar is a company created by folks who love to fish and are dedicated to helping all anglers; amateur, professional, young, old, live bait and lure aficionados, boat or shore anglers, all find and catch more fish.

The inspiration for iBobber occurred in the spring of 2012 when Alex, the founder and CEO was on a fishing trip with his father-in-law. From the back of the boat, Alex looked longingly at the fish finder mounted too far away to see clearly. Alex wondered, "Why can't I have a fish finder connected to my smartphone so I can see it anywhere I'm on the boat and be usable from shore or in a kayak or anywhere you might go fishing.

Luckily Alex had spent many years working in technology as a sonar engineer and tapped into the deep talent of next generation sonar scientists and engineers in the Seattle area to take his idea and design and build a state-of-the art portable wireless fish finding device. The invention was so revolutionary he was able to successfully patent iBobber in 2014.

Whether you're a casual or serious angler, a conservationist in need of a simple tool, or a Scout leader teaching kids how to fish, we have you in mind as we grow both as a company and product line. We believe in the conservation of fish species. We encourage catch-and-release techniques and our tools for weighing and releasing your catches are designed to do the least amount of harm to your fish.