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1906: Sonar technology first developed to 'see' underwater
1962: Researchers discover predatory fish can be called with certain frequencies
2016: ReelSonar combines the two technologies for an unbeatable fish finding tool: iBobber Pulse™ with FishSiren™

Watch out, Fish, it's our turn!

iBobber's newest feature is called FishSiren™ for a reason; named after the mythical Sea Siren, FishSiren™ taps into the 'ears' of predatory/game fish by mimicking the vibrations of prey, luring them in.

iBobber Pulse with FishSiren

This 'ear' is called the lateral line and is present in most predatory game fish, including bass, crappie, trout, catfish, red fish, stripers, flounder, drum, snook and bluegill.* Though the idea itself of calling fish is not new (around since the late 1950's/early 60's) we knew we had a way to maximize its potential as well iBobber's. Now you can call fish with the tap of your finger, as well as see them, waterbed contours and depth, and everything else the original iBobber™ can do.** Now there's no need to spend money on a separate fish attractor unit, or different fish calling lures anymore! As with any of iBobber's features, you don't have to use it, but it sure is nice when you want it.

Whether you are a conservationist, kayak, shore, or river angler, travel for fishing, or just want to be the first on the dock with the coolest gadget, the iBobber Pulse™ with FishSiren™ is for you. We hope iBobber Pulse™ will also engage new and young anglers by speeding up the process of learning the many factors involved in catching fish.

*If you are interested in learning more about the use of the lateral line, there are many resources. Here are a few:
Pike and Muskie Footprints
Bass Lateral Line
Lateral Line System

**The FishSiren™ cannot be used at the same time as the bite/strike alarm as the alarm relies on vibrations to identify a bite/strike.