Take Me Fishing

Fishing isn’t always about catching, but it sure can make it more fun!

As a subscriber and supporter of Take Me Fishing, you know how important it is to share your love of fishing. We at ReelSonar wanted to do the same by creating iBobber fish finder.

With iBobber fish and depth finder, you can find the right spot to settle down and enjoy time spent with loved ones, teaching and learning the finer points of fishing. Whether you are on a boat, fishing from shore, or anywhere in between, iBobber can help you see what you want without the guilt of spending too much on a fish finder. Take it out, take a look, then put it away and take your time.

iBobber splash in water

bank fishing

Take a fish finder on vacation!

The winter months are a great time of year to visit prime saltwater fishing locations in southern Georgia, Florida, the Caribbean or set your sights on more exotic locations. iBobber works great in saltwater or freshwater, and takes up virtually zero space in your luggage. Just remember to pack your charger, and a cooler to ice-pack the many fish you’ll return with!

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kayak fishing

Fish from your kayak or SUP!

Portable watercraft fishing is the fastest growing segment in the fishing industry. There’s something primeval about getting closer to nature and your targets and doing battle with a big fish from a small boat. The iBobber is one of the perfect kayak accessory as a fish and depth finder that doesn’t require permanent installation and allows for reach beyond the hull.

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