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Two more iBobber interviews since ICAST!

The iBobber team here at ReelSonar had a great time showing off the iBobber at ICAST/IFTD 2015. Since we got back from the show, we've been getting more requests for interviews and video editorial, and we wanted to share the latest ones with you.

First, check out this video from Winston Chester and the Panhandle Outdoors team, where Jim Carillo explains the features of the iBobber. If you want to skip straight to the iBobber interview, then go to the 14:24 mark. Thanks to Panhandle Outdoors for the excellent editorial! Feel free to subscribe to their channel, especially if you're a Florida native.

This next interview is audio-only on ESPN's Podcenter, "Chauncey's Great Outdoors." Skip ahead to the 30-minute mark if you want to go straight to the iBobber interview.

Huge thanks to Panhandle Outdoors and "Chauncey's Great Outdoors" for letting us share the iBobber with you!

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