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January iBobber Photo Round-Up!

If you’ve followed us on Facebook recently, then you should know about our recent ongoing photo contest. We’ve asked you, our fans, to show us your biggest fish caught this month using the iBobber, with a new ReelSonar Multi-Tool as the grand prize, and so far we have seen some amazing examples of fishing prowess!

For this week’s blog, we’re showing off some of the most impressive photos shared with us on social media. We hope that this photoblog proves that even in the middle of winter, the iBobber helps you find and catch more fish!

First, the winter months haven’t stopped the hard-core bass fishermen from heading out to the lakes, and we received this photo and story from Tom Sanford:

iBobber handheld fish finder helps catch 7 pound bass

 “Thanks iBobber. Great invention. It helped me find a seven-pounder. Now everyone wants one when they found out what I was doing.” Just check out the size of that bass! Any of the other bass would be considered an excellent catch, but the seven-pounder absolutely dwarfs the others! 

Brett Malinsky recently took his whole family ice fishing, and everyone cleaned house with the iBobber. Check out the size of these pike!

Ice fishing with a portable sonar fish finder

This one is almost as long as the ice drill!

Ice drill next to perch

The perch didn’t stand much chance either.

Ice fishing catch of the day: perch.

The ladies rocked ice fishing as well, as evidence by this lovely 12.5-inch perch.

Fisherwoman with 12.5 inch perch.

Switching to a warmer climate, Laura Ciffone sent us this picture from Matlacha Florida of a spadefish her husband caught straight off the dock using the iBobber. So for anyone wondering if the iBobber works in saltwater, the answer is a resounding yes!

Saltwater fishing with the iBobber sonar fish finder

And finally, while this photo didn’t count towards the contest, it was just too impressive to not show everyone. Michael Gilmore shared, “I just wanted to show my biggest fish ever, a 90 lb spoonbill caught in 2015 during spoonbill season.” Check out the size of this fish!

If you wish to enter our photo contest for a chance to win a ReelSonar Multi-Tool before its official release, just head to our Facebook page  and comment on the photo contest post with your photo and length/weight of the fish. The contest closes on January 31st, so don’t hesitate to head out for that final weekend fishing trip before February!

Get all of the latest ReelSonar iBobber news on Facebook and Twitter (@ReelSonar) and our website! For now, keep on fishing!

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