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Why the iBobber Makes the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at ReelSonar! We hope everyone had a great time celebrating with their significant others or, if you’re flying solo, with friends and/or a relaxing solo fishing excursion.

Gift guide for fisherman and fisherwomen

Show of hands: How many of you have felt the pressure to get your other half the perfect gift in honor of this holiday? It’s okay; we’ve all been there. It’s hard not to feel that way when we’re bombarded with banners and balloons in shades of red and pink at the stores, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, stuffed animals, and sappy commercials with jewelry. These traditions are all well and good, but they’re not everyone’s style.

We’re here to offer you an alternative. If you’re looking for a belated gift for your outdoors-y significant other or want to start planning ahead for next year (Major relationship bonus points if that’s the case!), keep on reading to learn how the iBobber and our other products can help you enjoy fishing with that special person!

The iBobber is gender-neutral

Inexpensive sonar fish finder depth finder gift

The iBobber makes a great gift for a lady who’s looking for something besides flowers and chocolates and offers a more masculine gift option for the gentlemen. After all, who says only the ladies get gifts for Valentine’s Day? The guys deserve a little token of appreciation too!

Fishing is a couples-friendly activity

portable fish finder with GPS 

Whether you and your significant other have fished together for years or one/both of you has just discovered the sport, the iBobber is user-friendly enough for any experience level. It’s a fantastic, affordable first fish finder for someone who wants to take their fishing to the next level and complements boat-mounted fish finders as a castable option. The iBobber also makes a teaching tool for new anglers to learn how to choose good fishing spots and baits that reach the appropriate depth.

Fishing is a great activity for couples that enjoy spending time together outdoors. And with the iBobber, you can make the most of that quality time by finding and catching more fish!

Already own an iBobber? No problem!

Tackle box gifts: digital scale and fishermans pliers

Have you seen our ReelSonar Digital Scale and Multi-Tool? The Digital Scales are currently available on Amazon, and we will announce on Facebook when the Multi-Tools are available. The ReelSonar Multi-Tool features the five most commonly used fishing tools, such as line nippers and pliers, in a sleek, easy-to-use stainless steel model and compact carrying case. Both items retail for only $19.99, and they will no doubt become indispensable additions to your tackle box.

Celebrating Singles’ Awareness Day instead? Then treat yourself!

Who says only couples can join in the fun? Plenty of folks enjoy the quiet peacefulness of spending the day alone fishing, while others enjoy the sport with their families and friends. Instead of discount chocolate after Valentine’s Day, why not put that money towards an iBobber or Digital Scale?

Feel free to show this article to your other half or just subtly leave it open on his/her computer screen. You're welcome! Keep on fishing! 


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