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Winter may be chilly, but the iBobber is hot!

Who says winter has to be the off-season for fishing? Clearly our fans and reviewers disagree, as the photos, videos, and positive reviews keep rolling in! We’ve seen the iBobber featured in Valentine’s Day gift guides, articles on tackle box must-haves, and most importantly, in the photos and videos that you, our fans, have submitted.

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If you’re feeling cabin fever and itching for spring, maybe some of these PR updates will help pass the time.

First, the iBobber was featured just after Valentine’s Day on the aptly-named site “Things That Make People Go Aww.” This blogging site is co-run by an energetic group of women bloggers from multiple states and walks of life, and they specialize in blogs featuring product reviews, fitness, parenting, food, and multiple other topics. Stacey Creed reviewed the iBobber as A Fisherman’s Favorite New Gadget.

Stacy’s strategy for using the iBobber is one we have seen multiple customers and bloggers use, which involves a second rod: “What seemed to work best for me was to have a second rod and reel ready to cast out with bait or a lure on the hook, and if the fish seem plentiful near the iBobber, cast out the second line and hook a big one!!” Overall, she gave positive feedback on the iBobber’s accuracy, detail in our smartphone app, and ease of use.

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Next, let’s visit Scouting Magazine, an bi-monthly online publication that focuses on articles related to Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, training for their leaders, and enjoying time spent outdoors. For their March-April issue, Scouting Magazine published a photo round-up of popular fishing and survival gear - "New fishing gear to put in or around your tackle box" - to make life easier and more convenient for anglers, and the iBobber was front and center as the headline photo. The writers loved the iBobber because the “Trip Log feature is awesome. Capture detailed memories of all your on-water adventures and easily share to social-media sites or via email.” The best part of the Trip Log is that you can use that feature of our app with or without the iBobber, so it’s a great way to test-drive the user-friendliness of our products.

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And finally, check out this amazing video submitted by one of our Facebook fans. Tom Sanford went float tubing on a lake in Redwood, California for trout and caught a stunning 9-pound beauty. You can watch the entire video or skip ahead to the last minute to see him land the fish.


Here is a 9 pound trout I pulled in. You can see the ibobber in the water. I think you all would love this.

Posted by Tom Sanford on Saturday, February 13, 2016


That wraps up the news for this month! Stay tuned as we move into spring and summer, as we will have plenty more fishing stories, reviews of our new Multi-Tool, and new features added to the iBobber app. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@ReelSonar) to stay updated on the latest news!

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