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Survivorgeek Checks Out the Multi-tool Pliers

Survivorgeek Multi-tool Pliers review

Survivorgeek Reviews the Multi-tool Pliers. 

"First of all, let’s discuss the sheath and lanyard.  I’m surprised these are not more common with fishing tools, as it is not only just common sense to have your tools easily at hand, but also to have ways to keep them from being lost over the side of a boat!  Suffice it to say, these seem like two really essential components for a tool that you’d always want with you.

The pliers are quite long which allow easier extraction of hooks and are spring-loaded, which makes them easier to use one-handed.  (They also have a latch that keeps them from popping open at an inopportune time.)  I tested it on a length of paracord and it cut through pretty easily.  Braided (not to mention monofilament!) fishing line doesn’t stand a chance.  The pliers also have an integrated leader crimper and serrated line cutter, which can even cut braided line with ease..."

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